Results that exceed expectations.


Founded in 2010, NickleHall has served West London’s growing need for new property and real estate property management and builders.

Our professional team works closely with our clients and landowners to deliver results that truly exceed all expectations.

We are what you are looking for, NickleHall has the experience and the ability to deliver outstanding results. Browse the rest of our site for more information about the services we provide, you can also browse some of our past projects. If you’re interested and looking for a construction company on your next endeavor, why not schedule your consultation meeting with us today.

We also know that you´ll love OUR FINISH as much as we do



We are an independent construction project management company. We also work with landlords, property developers, architects and clients with commercial, public and charitable ventures. We help and support our clients with high-quality commercial, residential ventures like home renovation projects, as well as residential/commercial building alterations.



We are a property development team. We have a reputation for creating a plan, process and stylish execution when building quality homes speaks volumes. Our team has been building and delivering projects together for years, we pride ourselves in our careful planning, communication to execute our projects. 



Here at NickleHall we are obsession with texture, colour and fabrics and using a combination of these to create a space with a real wow-factor. Effective interior design starts with a creative eye, of course, but also relies heavily on having the know-how to effectively implement the vision and bring it to reality.

Planing Phase
  • Project Management
  • Planning & Site Setup
  • Working with Architect
  • Site Management
Type of Build
  • New Home & Renovation
  • Structural Works
  • Rear Extension Build
  • Loft Build
  • Kitchen & Amenities
  • Demolition & Decommission
  • Core Electrics & Pluming
  • Plumbing/ boiler/ underfloor heating
  • Plastering & Painting
  • Tiling & Joinery
  • Garden & Landscaping
Heman Yones
Operations Manager
Hitesh Varsani
Site Manager
Tahira Parveen
Accounts Manager
Hina Ramzan
Project Coordinator
Florin Simon
Communication Officer